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    (by smorgan (Standard user) Oct 02 / 15:29)

    Cherie & Greg,

    Great to hear your having the time of your lives, hee, hee!! Are the mosquitoes who's winning yet?

    • Re: adventure?
      (by greg (Service Admin) Oct 03 / 23:38)

      So far the mosquitos are being held at bay by lots of bug-off and these funky little noisemakers we bought a fry's. But so far Cherie and I have made several donations to the costa rican mosquito bloodbank.

      • Re: adventure?
        (by smorgan (Standard user) Oct 06 / 04:42)

        Hello Greg,
        I'm a little buzzed right now....hmmm. well, I admire your seeking of adventure and pray that you had your shots, hee, hee! Okay, I have to admit, Cherie was right, I needed to check out other men....some of the men I've been in contact with have been just the type of men I'm looking for (on paper). Any advice from a man (you)???