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@ Site News     Jun 20 2003 - 16:09 PST
Cherie in Torres Del Paines, Patagonia, Chile.

Cherie in Torres Del Paines, Patagonia, Chile.

cherie writes: Reuven Krispin wrote me this story and told me that it reminded him of me:

"Like Descarte, once there was a man that wanted to know the truth.
He went on a journey around the world searching for the truth. After 20 years of scouring the planet, he found an old man that told him said, “the truth is hiding in a small cave on a mountain outside the village.”

The man eagerly climbed the high mountain, found the cave and sure enough, the truth was there.

The man was shocked to see that she was ugly. She wore dirty clothes, had long straggly hair, and tiny eyes absent of light. Despite her ugliness, he decided to stay with her and learn everything he could from her.

After 5 years of studying her and everything she knew, he was ready to leave. He told her that he missed his friends and family, and that he
had to return home.

She blessed him with a safe journey back home, and then added: "You must promise me one thing before you go. Please don’t tell everyone that I'm ugly. I want people to keep looking for me. Tell them that I'm pretty."

And so he did.

After I read the parable, I was a bit confused. "Am I the ugly truth?" I thought.

“How does this story remind you of me?” I asked Reuven Krispin.

Here is how Rueven responded:

“The way I see it you are on a wonderful journey around the world, sharing your amazing pictures and stories. But you never show the "true" part of it. You leave out the ugly side of the world--the wars, poverty, slavery...etc. It is as if you were that man that kept his promise.

Many will call that naïve, but I think that it's great since we already hear enough bad news from the media. It's important to see your truth--the other side, as well.

And for that, I'm sending you my gratitude."
--Reuven Krispin, Israel

So enjoy my website. It's my truth.--Cherie Sogsti

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