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"Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work." -- Thomas A. Edison

Episode 15: Island Fever
@ Where`s Cherie?     Aug 05 2002 - 16:16 PST
Cherie, Jean and Kristi found the body paint, and used it to dress up for the Cannary Island's Carnival on Gran Canaria.

Cherie, Jean and Kristi found the body paint, and used it to dress up for the Cannary Island's Carnival on Gran Canaria.

cherie writes: We are in the Canary Islands...a small group of islands off the coast of Africa. They are owned by Spain. We left London after a few days because none of us really like eggs...and they seem to be the staple food source there.

Top three lessons learned in London.

1. Do not drink the water in the water closet.

2. If someone is pissed, they are not mad...they are drunk.

3. And if someone offers you a fag, they aren´t giving you a gay lover.

We are now in paradise. The beaches are filled with either black volcanic sand, which is like walking on warm silt. Or bleached white sand, so that you feel as if you are walking on flower. It is like baby powder--so soft it sweaks when you walk. The water is unreal. The Canary Islands are Europe´s Version of Hawaii.

It is a place where the police drive Ford Aspires, and the taxis are Mercedes Benzs. We met an artist and he took us to the beach and painted pictures of us. This has now become our greatest to get these paintings home?

The Carnaval is is like Halloween for a week. Every night people dance in the streets until 8:00am. And of course we got a great deal on our hotel room...only to learn that the biggest dicso on the island is right below our hotel. Of course it opens when the real fun starts...which for the islands is 6:00am.

We went to a costume shop and we bought a different costume for each night. Last night was the grand finale and we all had our bodies painted.

We have managed to do some sight seeing...Christopher Columbus lived here, so we toured his home...and we saw a lot of dead people in the museum. They were lined up on shevles like books in a library.

Who is Miguan:

1. Mouse that snuck into Jean´s bag and miraculously survived the trip to the islands to scurry out into its new beach habitat.

2. Lizard that Kristi bought accidentially bought while bargaining with a local.

3. Guitar playing Argentinian sherpa who we met at the airport and has become our new guide

The answer to come soon....

Favorite car name here: TWINGO.

Best Kristi story: Kristi asked for the massage special and the guy offered her a special was erotic...he also offered to make love to her for no extra charge. Kristi declined of course, and we all learned the valuable lesson that you should only ask for specials at a restaurant.

Next stop is Barcelona...

Cherie Kristi and Jean

Click on each picture to see it full size.

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