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Episode 5: Peru, Peru, Peru
@ Where`s Cherie?     Aug 05 2002 - 16:06 PST
cherie writes: February 1999

Hello, Greetings from Lima, the city where everything is legal from gambling to coca leaves. And people wonder why there is is drug problem in South America. You may want to consider banning the plant that makes the drugs...just a random thought. Yesterday I stayed with a family in central Lima. For a $1.50 I got a room for a night, and two meals. I watched the sun met into a crimson sky, over a mess or bricks and rubble, I feel guilty calling homes.

Last night, a friend who we are trying to get a job with in the import-export business came into town. Last night Kristi and I stayed at a 5 star resort, complete with a jacuzzi in our room, gym, computers, everything and anything. As we ate dinner we watched dolphins frolic in the pool beside us. How strange, that hours before, I was in a hotel where there were no towels, no soap, no phones, and you had to request that the water be turned on to flush the toilet. Last night was Kristí's Birthday. We had dinner with a large group of new friends and danced until 5:00am. We got an entire Peruvian bar to sing Happy Birthday to Kristi in English. Then we celebrated by dancing on the tables. We had a huge cake for her lined with candles, and it tasted the best at 5:00am when we returned home from our night of dancing. Today will be a rough day for me, first I have to take a jacuzzi, then a steam bath...oh the pain. I can´t let myself get used to this because after tonight we are back at the $1.50 hotel, where hot water is a luxury to be treasured. It is nice to see both sides of Lima, Beverly Hills, and Compton. Unfortunately I won´t be spending enough time in Beverly Hills. Still I have yet to eat one bite of Peruvian food. So far it has been Chinese, Chinese, Chinese, and last night we went for a crazy change with Pizza. There are a lot of import-export companies here, the one we are talking to now has an office in Anaheim. I fly to South America to talk to a company whose headquarters are in Anaheim. Speaking of Anaheim, Disneyland, I can´t help but think...Its a small world after all. Although I love it here, I still miss home. The weather is perfect, warm and it stays light later into the evening. Take care, Love Cherie

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