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Cayman Islands

123--The Cayman Islands:Down Under
@ CherieSpotting     Mar 09 2003 - 15:43 PST
Cherie touching the velvet-smooth skin of a Southern stingray.
*Photo by Tom.

Cherie touching the velvet-smooth skin of a Southern stingray. *Photo by Tom.

cherie writes: The Cayman Islands is proud of its hundreds of incredible dive spots. Two of my favorite dives are Stingray City in Grand Cayman and the MV Capt. Keith Tibbets in Cayman Brac.

Stingray City is touted in brochures as “the best 12-foot dive in the world.” I agree. You don’t even need to dive it, you can simply throw on a mask and snorkel and play with fifty (or more!) Southern stingrays that congregate there daily. We jumped off Scirocco and the rays swam right to us. Curious, they glide right past and then double back to circle you as if you were a stingray play-toy.
more photos...

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113--The Cayman Islands: Back in Brac
@ CherieSpotting     Jan 17 2003 - 16:14 PST
And I never made the cheerleading squad!

And I never made the cheerleading squad!

cherie writes: Back in Brac

I don’t believe in violence. Having written that, I must admit that I smacked Greg in the face. Here’s the worst part--I don’t regret it. After I slapped him, I examined the red stain of hemoglobin on my hand. I even showed it to him. No one was more shocked by my random assault than Greg. His eyebrows congregated into an “M” on his forehead.

“Mosquito,” I announced. “It was sucking you dry.”

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112--The Cayman Islands: I'll Be Brac
@ Site News     Jan 13 2003 - 19:05 PST
Cayman Brac is the perfect place to waste time.

Cayman Brac is the perfect place to waste time.

cherie writes: Scirocco’s new “crew count” is up to four! Our newest sailor is named Mike, and we’re having a great time showing him the ropes (LINES)! Mike is a 26 year-old dive instructor that just happens to have some free time before he gets put away for four years. He goes into the Army (Military Intelligence) in April.

We’re currently in Cayman Brac, a little freckle on the map about 85 miles away from Grand Cayman. Brac is the perfect location for anyone who wants to escape, dive all day, and then stretch out in a hammock and watch the sun melt into the horizon. The diving in Brac is pristine and perfectly preserved. People fly from around the globe to explore the miracles submerged under the tourquiose blanket of the Caribbean Sea. The locals call this area “the underwater Grand Canyon.”
more photos...

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111--The Cayman Islands: To Hell and Back
@ Where`s Cherie?     Jan 08 2003 - 10:27 PST
Cherie with the "official Devil of Hell"--Ivan.

Cherie with the "official Devil of Hell"--Ivan.

cherie writes: Cayman Islands: To Hell and Back

I’ve finally got a witty response in store for the next person who tells me to go to Hell. I’m going to say: “I’ve already been there.”

In the Cayman Islands, Hell isn’t a place you go to when you’re bad, it’s a place you go to when you’re bored. And you don’t have to imagine the scorched earth and unbearable heat…its all there naturally! In Hell, you can even pose with a devil.

Hell is a real place; it’s an actual city in the Grand Cayman. And it looks like what any five-year-old kid would imagine “Hell” to look like. (Except this Hell has a post office. I guess even Satan needs to keep in touch!)

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110--The Cayman Islands: Under the Sea
@ CherieSpotting     Jan 06 2003 - 19:47 PST
A French angelfish running away!

A French angelfish running away!

cherie writes: Fifty-percent of the Cayman Islands econmy is dependent on one thing--diving. (The other half of the economy is based on off-shore banking accounts, but you need to have a minimum of one million dollars to open an account. Since Greg and I found our bank accounts a little short, we had to stick with scuba diving.

The Canary Islands had some of the most fantastic coral and colorful fish in the world. Greg and I have been diving almost every day and we thought we should try our luck with under-water photography. We rented a little digital camera, slipped on our flippers and set out on our photo shoot!

I now have an entire newfound respect for underwater photgraphy. I love composing pictures, but those fish just don't listen and won't hold still! They move around wherever they like and act like they own the entire ocean! Still we had fun, and caught a few colorfful snapshots.

Here are the results!
more photos...

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109--The Cayman Islands: Turtle Traffic
@ Site News     Jan 02 2003 - 14:01 PST
Rush hour in the Cayman Islands.  (Those are turtles!)

Rush hour in the Cayman Islands. (Those are turtles!)

cherie writes: After sailing for five days we finally sighted land. The Cayman Islands, a trio of British islands. British means it is expensive. The US dollar is worth 80 measly cents here. Even the bums here don't ask you for pocket change. One shady character asked Greg for $10 dollars!! (And Greg gave him $7!)

So after sailing for five days, you can imagine what my hair looked like. When I arrived, a Cayman official boarded Scirocco and said: "Do you have the plague?" (I'm not British, but I don't think that's a very proper thing to say to someone you've just met.)

Here's a few quick shots of Island life. Tom Lafleur (the owner of the Swan 53 "Mistress")and his two daughters, Katee (16) and Lauren (15) flew in to join us. Island life here is pretty relaxed, the only traffic we've seen is turtle traffic from a farm that has released over 30,000 turtles into the wild.
more photos...

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